A brief history of me.

SEO has been a large part of my life so far.

My SEO career started when I was introduced to a search agency in my first full-time job.

Soon after meeting the agency, I in-housed SEO and took on the challenge of doing it myself.

At the time, I was doing the basics. I knew beginner-level knowledge on things I’d learned around tech SEO, on-page optimisation, and Google algorithms.

I wanted to see if could do this again, or did I just get lucky?

So I went to the best place to find out, an SEO agency. I'm fortunate to have landed a job in one of the top agencies in the UK, Stickyeyes Group.

And thus begins my career as an SEO consultant.

I thrived in an environment of people who, at the time, had vastly more knowledge and experience than myself.

I quickly progressed up the ranks, repeating my in-house successes with some small-to-medium accounts.

My effectiveness in communication and proficiency in SEO was soon realised. After just six months I started progressing to larger accounts with more complex internal structures and web technologies to navigate.

With this increased challenge, I started to broaden out my knowledge into other areas of SEO such as:

  • Content strategies
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Large-scale data analysis

Soon after, the industry was moving on.

JavaScript was becoming a larger part of modern web development, and SEO’s (and Google!) were learning how to deal with it. I embraced the change and followed the movement, training myself on how to work with sites built on frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. This was fortunate, as I was soon thrown into the deep end.

A new client joined, who boasted over 2,000,000 indexable pages, all loaded with Angular JS. They were promptly given to me to do my thing with.

This time, I felt I had my work cut out.

But still, I made it work.

Within seven months, the client had grown more from SEO than what they had in the prior 6 years.

While working in an agency I gained a reputation as the go-to person for critical work. Whether that was pitching, SEO strategies, content strategies, or delivering complex audits.

Years later, I’ve had many stories similar to the above across some great brands and even two in-house positions at REISS and then Interflora (where I reversed a 6-year downturn in search visibility).

Nowadays, I'm an Ecommerce SEO consultant with a variety of clients across the globe. I also share my experience on my blog as well as on my Twitter to a growing audience that likes what I'm doing.

How to connect?

Want to work with me?

If you're looking for:

  • A great communicator
  • Someone who can do remote work and deliver results
  • An SEO with an amazing track record in Ecommerce
  • A recognised expert within SEO

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